Digital Signage Outdoor Advertising

Digital signage (also called digital electronic signage or digital signage) is a marketing format which is based upon the delivery of data through different devices like monitors, projectors, hand-held devices or even totems. It is designed to generate specific messages through the projection of digital signage content. The digital signage content can be simple graphics, animations, audio or video. These are generally displayed on computers or LCD screens and can come in form of a full-screen image or a picture-in-picture (PIP) option. The digital signage displays also allow the display of advertising information as well as interactive computer games.

digital signage outdoor

Outdoor digital signage provides a cost-effective, high quality and effective means of marketing to businesses and organizations. Using outdoor digital signage, marketers can reach a larger and more diverse audience, as people using the signage can be located any place, anytime. Outdoor digital signage also offers flexible solutions for all types of media, including signage, advertising, interactive digital media, and multimedia. You can use these digital signage devices in any area of your enterprise, such as ticketing areas, entrances, product displays, cash registers, etc.

Some digital signage networks provide digital signage installations in high resolution, widescreen monitors with a refresh rate of over 90 frames per second. Outdoor digital signage can also be set up on high resolution outdoor screens or LCD panels. Usually, outdoor digital signage displays consist of four to eight small digital screens. To enhance the in-market digital signage experience, you can include LED advertising panels underneath the screens.

LED digital signage displays are increasingly used in outdoor locations, for example in ticketing areas and product displays. These digital signs offer high contrast, high resolution and high reliability. They have low power consumption and long lifespan. For product display purposes, digital advertising panels with static panels are used above outdoor TV screens. For promotional campaigns, outdoor LCD digital signage is an ideal medium. To attract customers during festive seasons and for corporate events, outdoor LCD digital signage with personalized banners and event displays is a must.

Most importantly, digital signage offers an economical solution. Unlike in-market television advertising, where one must pay for each advertisement, digital signage is entirely wireless. It’s totally digital and has no effect on the eco system. Outdoor digital signage is also less expensive than conventional TV displays. To maximize the return on investment (ROI), digital signage should be strategically positioned in high traffic areas, complementary to the existing signage.

Many companies are investing in outdoor digital display units because they bring in revenues in addition to saving costs, in contrast to out-of-market digital advertising. An outdoor digital display unit generates high profit margins. Therefore, if you are planning an in-market digital signage campaign, you must have outdoor digital display units as part of your plan.

Outdoor digital signage consists of static digital signage, digital billboards, dynamic digital signage displays and LED advertising screens. In addition, the unit incorporates a control panel and an operator chair. The outdoor digital signage displays offer a wide variety of benefits over LCD advertising screens: they have a greater longevity, they require lower power, and they do not attract any harmful external radiation like the screens produced by televisions. They also provide an improved level of control over the content of the ads.

If you want to expand your brand image beyond the traditional advertising media, you need to invest in outdoor digital signage. You can set up a static digital signage display for a specific location or you can create a digital signage network that targets multiple locations at the same time. With such a system, you can attract more customers by creating a virtual fence or wall. This type of digital signage helps in increasing the customer base, increasing sales, reducing marketing costs, attracting new customers and increasing retention.