Using Digital Sandwich Board Signs for Advertising

When you’re looking for digital sandwich board signs for your business, don’t be afraid to invest in high quality, highly visible signs. In fact, these signs are one of the best ways to emphasize your branding efforts at a low initial cost. With sandwich boards becoming increasingly popular as businesses look for new ways to advertise their brand, your first step should be to learn more about these signs. Here’s more about them:

digital sandwich board signs

“Founded in NY, FASTSIGN specializes in digital signage solutions. We offer high-end digital signs for commercial and non-commercial installations. Our digitally-infused signboard products feature cutting-edge technology and the highest standards of design. Contact us now!”

Signage experts at FAST Signs use state-of-the-art technology to create digital advertising solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Their digital signs feature cutting-edge digital technology with fully-customizable backgrounds and full-color digital advertising options including animated text, logo banners, pop-up ads, business information, and more. What’s more, the signs can also be printed in just about any format imaginable, including Pamphlets, E-Books, Pocket Books, Black and White Pages, Websites, and more. At a time when print media is being crowded out by digital media, such as social networks, websites, e-mail, instant messaging, and mobile phone applications, FAST Signs have a unique advantage over their competition. “Digital signage has a minimal impact on print production,” says Jay Kubassek, President of FAST Signs. “In our opinion, customers will spend a greater percentage of their time on a digital sign over a print sign.”

The most effective digital sandwich board signs are those that use “push pins” technology to deliver messages quickly and with maximum impact. Using these high-tech digital boards, businesses can easily present the most current information and promotions to customers at the most convenient location with the least amount of effort. “The push pins method of delivering a digital message allows us to present the latest digital advertising content without requiring the person to manually push a button,” says Kubassek.

In addition to using push pins to deliver dynamic information, such as new product or service information, digital sandwich board signs can also be used to display coupons, discounts, special sales, business hours, calendar, and telephone numbers. These signs can be used in conjunction with other advertising mediums to effectively emphasize the primary point – which is, that a business is open and available to all. These signs are so versatile that they can even be used as an “interactive door” sign for an evening time open sign at a business. For example, a sandwich sign placed inside a business lobby can add the words “closed until further notice” in order to encourage people to enter the establishment. This added touch helps customers feel welcome when they arrive at the business, knowing that they will have all the essential information they need right in front of them.

Digital sandwich boards can even be used outdoors on the sidewalk or street. Businesses should not wait for their sign to be installed – it is critical to be proactive and make sure that their sandwich board signs are visible to customers. If they have a particularly busy season, they may want to consider placing digital sandwich board signs on the sidewalk leading into their building or at their next door’s doorstep. In addition to generating interest from passersby, they will provide a clear pathway for customers to enter the business. This extra layer of security is invaluable for both night and day/night businesses. This is a simple way to make sure that their storefront is always fully operational and drawing in customers – which will translate directly into higher profits!