The Top 5 Digital Signage Solutions Companies

digital signage solutions companies

When choosing digital signage solutions companies, it is important to know what digital means in their vocabulary. The meaning of digital for most companies today is simply information presented in the form of data. In other words, digital signage displays and information presented on screen are digital data representations that can be sent over a network to be viewed by a target audience. With digital signage, the definition of what the word digital means has changed from a traditional focus on a TV screen to a more inclusive approach of viewing digital information on a monitor or television screen. Digital information now includes video, audio, photos, advertising, and interactive content.

To help you narrow down the field of digital signage solution providers, let’s look at the top 10 digital signage solutions companies in the world. The first one we will look at is Panasonic. Their goal is to become the number one digital signage company in the world and to do so they have created an information management system, a display format, and a control platform to help with the integration of video. As a result, they have been able to create a digital signage solution that will satisfy all of their customers by providing a simple to use digital signage experience, as well as manage and view their digital signage data from multiple locations. Their other digital signage solution offerings include LCD digital signage, projectors, and DLP digital signage panels.

The second digital signage vendor on our list is Fujitsu S.A. They have had some success with their LCD digital signage units and with their DLP digital signage panels, but they are not known as one of the top 10 digital signage vendors. Instead they rank a bit lower because they do not market their equipment under the banner of digital signage, at least not to the same degree that Sony and Phillips do. They do, however, sell many LCD screens, projectors, and other components that will support digital signage. Because Fujitsu does not market directly to the consumer, they have developed a strong customer base that has bought their products, seen their services, and heard from their suppliers. Digital signage products from Fujitsu are popular because they have the look and performance consumers want in a digital signage system, but they also offer a higher level of flexibility and cost effectiveness that other digital signage vendors might not offer.

The third digital signage solution provider on our list is AT&T. They have a variety of digital data solutions that they can combine to meet the unique needs of their clients. For example, they offer cellular phone capable digital signage units, as well as traditional hardwire solutions for managing and displaying digital data. Because they do not use proprietary software, AT&T’s digital signage solutions are considered to be industry leading. They also offer one of the highest levels of flexibility and cost effectiveness, which makes them a logical choice as one of the top digital signage solution providers.

The fourth digital signage vendor we will discuss is Vizio. Vizio offers both indoor and outdoor displays and has been a long time partner with the film and TV industry. Their flat screen digital signage units have won numerous awards, and their digital signage software has proven very popular. When it comes to digital signage solutions, there is little that compares to Vizio. In fact, Vizio was recently selected as one of the “World’s Smartest Companies” by IDC. This is a very important distinction because this award is given to companies that not only produce cutting edge technology, but that also continue to innovate to improve their capabilities.

The final vendor we will discuss is ADT. They have been in business since 1982 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the premier digital signage solutions providers in the industry. Although they have been unable to grow their customer base like other companies, they have continually improved their product line and added new services to meet the needs of their customers. If you are considering digital signage solutions for your company, consider choosing one of these companies to provide your digital signage hardware and software. They will provide you with a signage solution that will not only increase productivity, but increase profitability as well.